Member Spotlight: iWinks

iWinks is a lean team of industry experts translating recent advances in sleep enhancement research into intelligent wearable devices. The company’s mission is to improve your sleep. Under a barrage of stimulation all day, every day, iWinks is developing revolutionary devices designed to help individuals get the rest they need. Combining a core expertise in neuroscience and machine learning, the startup offers products to improve sleep, all night, every night.


Could you tell me a little about your background?

I was born and raised in Miami but quickly moved away for school; today I hold 2 M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Neuroscience. I’ve dedicated most of my academic career to building Brain Computer Interfaces, or programs that use direct brain sensing to improve quality of life. In my grad studies (UF & UC Irvine) I specialized in machine learning and AI for relevant neuro-sensing applications and studied under leading researchers in the space. With the wearables market burgeoning at the time I saw a big opportunity in brain sensing for sleep. So I dropped out of my PhD program and have been living the #startuplife ever since.


 What is the Aurora DreamBand?

Aurora is a brain sensing headband that delivers accurate sleep tracking and other exciting features that can help improve sleep and increase energy.

How does it improve sleep? And what features does it have? 

Aurora empowers users to understand their unique sleep architecture and improve daily sleep performance. Beyond tracking, Aurora offers exciting sleep-improving services like our signature Dream Enhancement feature: it presents audiovisual stimuli during REM to help users reconnect with themselves during dreams. We will be announcing more exciting features as we get closer to the official product launch next quarter.

Do you have any other products under research or to-be-launched?

Yes! And you can stay connected via our social media channels to receive that information as it’s released.

 Where do you see your company in the future? 

All over the world.
Why did you pick the LAB? What makes our facility special? 

The Lab is one of Miami’s original co-working spaces and as such is one of few hubs for entrepreneurs in Miami. Its deep network, relevant programming and open-minded work environment have been very valuable for our team. The Lab represents a young and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami which I hope to see continue to grow.

You can learn & follow up on iWinks’s products & latest innovations by visiting their website:

Interviewed by: Mohammad Ali Mazloum